Our Story

Othús (pronounced oTHooz) was founded with the belief that we need to go back to the start. To the way perfumes used to be made. To the origins of fragrances, where nature was embraced and celebrated. And retell our stories the way they were meant to be told.

Othús is a play on the Gaelic term “ó thús”, which means “from the beginning”. We invite you to find yours.

The Perfumer

As a certified herbalist, Colleen Keenan Nelms has always been well versed in the power of plants. Her mental wanderlust caused her to wonder how a plant's natural aromas, when combined with other elements, can evoke not one but all five senses—and why such a complex fragrance could not be found easily or in a convenient solid eau de parfum. With this sense of adventure in mind, the Othús story began.

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