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Honeysuckle Grapefruit - Solid Lotion

Honeysuckle Grapefruit - Solid Lotion

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Nourish your body and elevate your mood with a carefully formulated solid lotion. Made with the same care as our plant-based eau de parfums, these lotions are the perfect answer to dry or chapped skin. The complex blend of oils are complemented by a proprietary blend of essential oils that enrich the notes of Honeysuckle and Grapefruit.

How to use:

Dry your skin after a bath or shower, then glide the solid lotion across your body. The heat of your skin will soften the lotion. Gently massage the soothing oils into your skin and let the moisture nourish your body.

Please keep lotion out of the heat and direct sun. If it softens, set it in a cool place until it is firm again.

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