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Midnight Magnolia - Rollerball

Midnight Magnolia - Rollerball

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A still night, the last chords drifting in the air. The moon casts a glow as the queen of trees opens her heart to the city. Looking forward and back, serenity with every breath. No worries then, now, or forever.


Elemi, Lemon, Yuzu

Magnolia Absolute, Rose, Hinoki

Cedarwood, Vetiver, Sandalwood


Sugar cane alcohol, botanical blend of essential oils, absolutes, attars, resins, botanical tinctures, water, natural isolates

Other Details

Othús Perfumery’s eau de parfum fragrances are hand-crafted in small batches. They do not contain synthetics or chemicals. They are blended with natural, plant-based ingredients sourced locally or wild-crafted as the seasons allow. As with all botanically-based fragrances, it is best to store away from heat and light. 

It is recommended to test a small amount of our natural perfumes on your skin before applying more generously. Some people could have an allergic reaction to certain essential oils used in natural fragrances.

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